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Penta Capital is the summation of a decade of independent market analysis, graduate coursework in financial engineering, and blogging. As an industry outsider, we realized that there were two problems with the traditional fund management model: Under-performance and lack of accessibility. Experience taught us that the primary driver of underperformance was human emotional bias and different market techniques deserved evolving weighting through the investment cycle. Also, investors’ concerns with fees, fund accessibility, and transparency were not addressed. Hence, we created our proprietary investment schema in 2015 combining multiple analysis techniques through a quant layer, and a SMA model to address operational concerns
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There are many benefits for choosing Penta Capital Strategies as your asset manager.

  • You own your money; PCS just manages it.

  • Unlike other hedge funds, who take away your money, PCS lets you keep your hard-earned money

  • No need to have millions of dollars to be able to invest with best performing hedge funds.

  • Diversified Portfolio, ensuring risk mitigation

  • The algorithm is continuously evolving to make sure that the profit is maximized and risk is minimized.

  • Access to the performance reports whenever desired

  • User-friendly app lets you view the performance of your portfolio live on your mobile device

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • Keeping you informed of the portfolio performance and expert’s analysis



Alternative investments, Hedge Funds – Global Macro, Long/Short, Multi-strategy


- Conservative

- Aggressive



Highly liquid assets. Bonds, Stocks, Metals etc.


Lock-up period: None

Notice: Recommended - 2 wk / Req. - 1 day

Min Investment: $50,000 (negotiable)

Prime Broker: Interactive Brokers - SMA


Primarily accredited investors

Fees Structure


AUM Based: 1% - 3%

Performance Based: 0.25% - 1.5% &

                            20% of profit


AUM Based: 3% - 5%

Performance Based: 0.25% - 2.5% &

                            20% - 30% of profit

Guiding principles:
  1. Focus on liquid asset

  2. Simple, repeatable, and scalable process

  3. Implementable across markets

  4. Addresses problems with traditional industry

Mohammad Naqvi, Founder & CEO | Phone: 862-262-8520

Mohammad Naqvi brings 12+ years of investing experience and a breadth of knowledge in various investment advisory areas with specialization in pre-retirement, investment and portfolio management, 401K/IRA rollovers, and overall financial consultations. Mohammad has advised clients with diverse professional backgrounds (financial services, engineering, medicine, and legal, etc.), and is solely focused on meeting clients’ investment needs. This is achieved by clearly outlining the long-term plans and simplifying financial concepts so that near-term volatility does not influence key financial decisions. 

Mohammad started his investment career in the midst of the Great Recession (2008-09) and quickly realized that there were several pain points with the traditional financial services industry inhibiting many individuals from meeting their goals. These include disparity of offerings available to different segments, lack of clear communications, advisor’s market bias, and inability to proactively manage risk while delivering consistent performance.

Mohammad started a financial analysis platform, “Understand, Survive, and Thrive,” in 2010 to help investors navigate through several post-2009 uncertainties including the debt crisis of 2011, oil crash, and China crisis, and US-China trade war. At the same time, Mohammad has developed many proprietary market analysis techniques and investing processes to deliver consistent un-correlated portfolio performance with active risk management. These strategies are the cornerstone of Penta Capital Strategies and are continuously enhanced to ensure continuous augmentation of intelligent algorithms that help eliminate human bias from investment decisions and deliver performance for clients.

Mohammad completed his undergraduate from NJIT, M.S. from Columbia University, and executive education from Harvard Business School.

Faizan Naqvi, COO

Faizan Naqvi brings 3+ years of market research, analysis, algorithm development, automation and back-testing experience. Faizan has played a key role in translating investing concepts into algorithms and have ensured their effectiveness over time through stress testing and Monte-Carlo simulation.

Faizan is constantly involved in identifying new opportunities to improve underlying models, and identifying new technologies to upgrade technology infrastructure.

Faizan graduated from NJIT with B.S. Electrical Engineering, followed by M.S. Systems Engineering from Columbia University

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